Need to cool your horse’s legs with a minimum time and effort?

Meet new top quality O’Cool therapy boots

Say goodbye to hours of standing with a hose in your hand or hard ice bags melting in 10 minutes. Cool down affected areas gently and efficiently. Eliminate the risk of tissue damages from extreme cold. Use O´Cool therapy boots over and over again by simply soaking them in cold water.

Why to choose our therapy boots?

Save your time and energy

  • quick and effortless preparation within a few minutes,
  • easy application,
  • long lasting cooling effect,
  • simple cleaning, multiple-use,
  • always on hand to store or carry in a special accessory bag,
  • practical drying when attached to an unfolded accessory bag.

Treat your horse with the best

  • non-toxic inner and outer materialsharmless to health,
  • holds water without leakage,
  • no cover or sock needed,
  • advanced design for full and undisturbed movement of the horse,
  • available in 3 sizes for tight and perfect fit,
  • suitable for front and hind legs.

Dual-purpose function

O’Cool boots can be also used to warm up before work. Simply soak the boots in a warm water for a few minutes. Apply them straight on the legs for 20 minutes. The tissues will warm up nicely.  After work repeat the process with a cold water for a cooling relaxation.


°It’s so O’Cool to...


  1. Soak them in a bucket of cold water for less than 5 minutes (first activation time is app 15 minutes).
  2. Dry the surface of boots with a cloth so they are cold but not dripping.

O’Cool tips & tricks:

The colder water you use, the colder the boots will get.  To speed up the absorption, use your fingers to distribute the inner material through the whole boot by little movement and soft pressing.



  1. Place the boot on the horse’s leg and fix it by securing the Velcro straps. Each boot is marked as left or right.
  2. Leave the boots for 20 – 30 minutes on horse’s legs.


  1. If dirty after use,simply rinse the boots with water. 
  2. Hang the boots, ideally on our specially designed accessory bag.

O’Cool tips & tricks:

Just unfold the bag by opening a zip and fasten the boots using the Velcro straps. If you head for the road, pack the boots in the bag. It’s waterproof.