cold water horse therapy boots O´Cool

O’Cool horse therapy boots: The gentle, hassle free cool down solution

It is known and well-practiced that a right amount of cold has a therapeutic effect – not only for people, but also for horses. Even now, in this modern age, riders use hoses, ice, and buckets to cool down their horses’ legs after riding. Sometimes, it´s difficult to find the right tools and have them on hand to provide horses with the correct cool down care they deserve. This problem can be easily solved with cold water horse therapy boots.

Cooling is an important part of horse care

After riding horses, we’re often exhausted and we want to restore our energy through various ways. But we have to do the same to our partners – horses. A proper cooling is an effective way to do so, as it acts therapeutically, brings a faster recovery and helps avoid potential pain.

Cold-water horse therapy boots – a solution to many complication

Soak O´Cool therapy boots in a bucket of cold water

When riders try to figure out what is the best horse cool down treatment technique, they may come across a new invention on the market: cold-water horse therapy boots. It´s solution to many complications, because thanks to them we can avoid the annoying melting ice bags and hours spent standing around with a hose in our hand. Recommended and loved by many riders, they bring us repeated, long term use and are easily transportable. We all want what’s best for our horses, and this is it! You don´t need a freezer – just a bucket of cold water.

“When it comes to equipment for horses, you always look for something handy and quick to use. O’Cool is exactly that! No freezer and electricity, simply wet, soak apply!” Victoria Rezesova – professional rider

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O´Cool water boots for horses offer quick & easy application, quick cooling, no leakage

cold water horse therapy boots O´Cool

O’Cool horse therapy boots are easy to prepare and cooling is amazingly simple to perform – just strap them on. They don’t require additional supplies such as covers or socks to be apply under. Coming in 3 sizes, they provide a tight, perfect fit for each horse and allow undisturbed movement of horse.
Boots are made of non-toxic material, with absorbent that creates a coldness and is holding water without any leaks. You simply soak them in cold water for few minutes. Twenty to thirty minutes is all it takes to cool down horse’s legs. When it’s done, you can hang the boots on the accessory bag tailor-made for them. It really is that simple.

As mentioned, the boots cause no leakage. So, there is no threat of a damage to horse’s hooves. No leakage also helps with keeping the stable clean, without unnecessary and unwanted spills.

therapy boots storing bag for horses

For competitions and transport, riders can carry the horse therapy boots to any place, storing them in their O´Cool accessory bag.

See for yourself that O’Cool horse therapy boots have multiple benefits, which make life easier for riders, as well as provide comfort and ease for their horses.

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